$2 Metal Lace Tips

The great thing about sneakers is that they're endlessly customizable, even down to the laces. This is especially true with Lace Lab laces, and now you can customize your premium sneaker laces even more with Metal Lace Tips. 

Our Metal Lace Tips are available during checkout for a small $2 fee. Simply add your desired laces to your cart, click on checkout, then you'll have the choice to add the Metal Lace Tips to your laces in either Gold, Silver, or Gunmetal. 

 Lace Lab Metal Lace Tip Add-On $2 Gold, Silver, Gunmetal

Our Metal Lace Tip add-ons are machine applied in-house as soon as you order them. Add a premium look to any of our shoe laces for only $2 during checkout!

If you have any other questions, feel free to live chat with us M-F 7am-3:30pm PST or e-mail us directly: info@LaceLab.com

Lace Lab $2 Metal Lace Tips