Jordan 1 Lace Length Sizing Chart

Jordan 1 Sizing Chart
Jordan 1 Lace Length - 63" at Lace LabJordan 1 Lace Length - 72" at Lace Lab
For Jordan 1 High's, we recommend either the 63" or 72" lengths, depending on the way you like to lace your shoes. The top image displays a Jordan 1 High with 63" lace length, while the second image shows the 72" lace length.
For Jordan 1 Mids, use 63"
For Jordan 1 Lows, use 54"
For other sneakers, please refer to our sizing chart below:

Number of Eyelets:

  • 3 Eyelets: 30"
  • 4 Eyelets: 36"
  • 5-6 Eyelets: 45"
  • 6-7 Eyelets: 54"
  • 7-8 Eyelets: 63"
  • 8-9 Eyelets: 72"

Sizing varies from shoe to shoe. Please use this chart as a rough estimate. For best results, please measure the length of your original laces. If you are between two sizes using our chart, we recommend choosing the shorter length for most applications. 

Please note that our laces can sometimes have a 1"-2" variance in length due to the slight elastic properties in the materials used. This is more commonly seen in longer lace lengths (54"+) but may also be present in other lengths.