New from Lace Lab: Metal Lace Tips

It’s always good to have options when you’re looking for the right sneaker accessory. This is especially true when it comes to shoe laces. Choosing the right pair of laces for your sneakers comes down to personal style, and that’s why we have so many options, from rope laces to flat laces and more. We wanted to take it a step further and make everything customizable, so we’re now offering metal lace tips that we add on in-house at the time you order.

What this means is that while we already have a stacked selection of laces to choose from, you can mix things up even more. Take for example our standard rope laces, we offer this product in dozens of colors, so you can find a complementary lace for almost any colorway. Say you settle on a pair of classic white rope laces for a pair of Triple White NMDs - you still have options!

Specifically, you can choose the color of the lace tip and we make them in-house for you. The lace tip, as the name implies, is the plastic cap at the end of your shoelaces that keep the fabric together and makes lacing them up easy to do. Here’s the thing, you don’t have to keep that standard plastic tip anymore. The lace tip is a small detail, but those small details add up in the long run.

Lace Lab’s speciality is to always cook up something fresh for premium sneaker laces, and we’re excited for this new product.