The Classic Sneakers Lace Length Guide

Over the years many brands have found signature sneakers that become classics as they get released again and again. From Nike and the Jordan to Converse and the All Star, these shoes have come to define a certain look for these brands that stands the test of time. Lace swaps are a great way to put a personal spin on these timeless sneakers, you just have to know what length to choose. Here are some of the top sneakers of all time and some lace swap suggestions to get you started.

Nike Air Jordan 1


The Nike Air Jordan 1 is the shoe started it all from the greatest of all time, making it no surprise it's had such an impact. It's a shoe that has continued to generate excitement from its initial release up to today. Create a two-tone look with a 72" Black/Cream Union Jordan 1 Replacement Shoe Laces  swap.

Laces: 72" Black/Cream Union Jordan 1 Replacement Shoe Laces 

Vans Old Skool


What Nike has been to basketball culture, Vans has been to skate culture and there's no more recognizable Vans shoe than the Old Skool. With it's easy to spot sidestripe, this shoe has become a versatile classic that has taken on every color under the sun and looks just as identifiable in a print. Keep the classic look, but add the color of your choice with 45" Flat Laces.

Laces: 45" Flat Laces

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Top

(source: Hypebeast)

From the classic in canvas, to this tan leather version, the Converse All Star has been popular on and then off the basketball court since 1922. Embraced in both it's low and high top versions, it's the high top that really lets you play around with a longer lace swap. Try some waxed shoe laces wrapped around the ankle in the 63" length like this pair does.

Laces: 63" Waxed Shoe Laces

adidas Yeezy


While Kanye West might be relatively new to the sneaker game compared to the Michael Jordans of the world, he's definitely left a long lasting impact with the Yeezy at adidas. With the signature knit uppers and ultra identifiable midsole, it's important to stick with the modern look, making a rope laces swap in 45" the obvious choice.

Laces: 45" Rope Laces

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